Estimating the amount of Chavant clay you need for a project can be challenging. The calculators below can help you determine how much clay to buy for your project. Start from the Volume & Surface Calculator to estimate your project needs, then use the Volumetric Yield and Linear Coverage calculators to determine how much clay area or volume a particular clay covers.

Volume & Surface Area

Use this tool to help calculate how much volume or surface area your project has.


Determine how much volume a block, billet, bar or wedge of clay fills.


Determine how much area a block, bar, billet or wedge of clay covers at a specified thickness.


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Volume and Surface Area Calculator

Calculate the amount of area or volume your project has.

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Shape Dimensions

Your project has a volume of: 0cubic inches and the surface area is: 0square inches

Volumetric Yield

Calculate how much volume a Chavant clay will fill.

[ Select Clay Type and Clay Size ]

/ of has a volume of
cubic with a total weight of


Linear Coverage

How much area will the clay cover at a given average thickness?

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0 / of will cover an area of
square with a total weight of / at a thickness of