Alien Clay™ is a precision sculpting medium used for a variety of sculpting and fabrication applications. It is one of the most versatile clays available (sculpt, brush on, trowel on or pour) allowing for quick build-up and sculpting perfect detail. Use for sculpting finely detailed miniatures or life-size projects, movie special effects to create monsters, props, spaceships and other models, medical models, cosplay and more.

Available in SOFT, MEDIUM, and HARD. Alien Clay™ features;

  • Consistent Quality
  • Low Tack Feel
  • Solvent Friendly
  • Holds Ultra-Fine Detail
  • Sulfur-Free and Silicone Friendly
  • Will Not Oxidize or Become Brittle
  • Sculpting Tool Friendly
  • Long Lasting - Can Be Melted & Remelted
  • Vegan
  • Certified Skin Safe


The Alien Clay™ heat resistant container is specially designed for storing, melting and pouring the clay. It has a convenient snap secure lid, two hand holds and pour spouts to allow you to pour liquified clay directly from the container. This method is utilized to make exact reproductions (called castings) of a form by pouring the liquified clay into a mold, that can be further shaped and revised.

Available in 38 lb. (17.2 KG) BULK BAR CASES

8 x 4.75 lb. (2.15 KG) bars per case total: 38 lbs. (17.2 KG)

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How To Melt A Full Container of Alien Clay™

In this video we're going to demonstrate how to melt a full container of Chavant Alien Clay™ so it can be poured into a mold and processed further.

How To Liquefy Alien Clay™ In The Container

In this video we demonstrate how to melt Alien Clay™ into a smooth liquid consistency so that it can be poured into a mold. Alien Clay™ is sold in a distinctive heating-safe package which can be placed in an industrial oven or hot box then easily removed and poured from a convenient spout. With a convenient snap-on lid, Alien Clay™ can be stored to reuse again and again for all of your sculpting projects.

Sculpting an Alien Bust Using Alien Clay™ Medium

In this video we demonstrate using Alien Clay™ to sculpt a life-size creature bust. The clay can be softened in a warming oven to make it quick and easy to bulk out rough shapes on an armature. At higher temperatures Alien Clay™ is malleable enough to trowel onto the armature. As the clay softens, details of the form can be formed with wire and ribbon tools. Cooled to room temperature precision detail can be sculpted into the surface and softened with isopropyl alcohol.

Sculpting a Snake Person Prosthetic Using Alien Clay™ Medium

In this video we demonstrate how to sculpt a special effects makeup prosthetic onto a lifecast of an actor. Warming the clay makes it quick and easy to build up basic shapes on the lifecast. As the clay cools, fine details can be added. Texture added to the surface can be softened with an application of isopropyl alcohol. As the sculpture is built in layers, the cool grey color of the clay helps the sculptor identify high and low points on the sculpt.

Using Alien Clay™ Medium To Sculpt a Cosplay Cloak Brooch

In this video we demonstrate sculpting a cosplay element which will be molded and cast into a fantasy-theme broach. Alien Clay™ can be melted into a smooth pourable liquid, which allows us to use an existing silicone mold of a glossy lens to use as the "gem" of the broach. As the clay cools it can be hand shaped into the wings and body of the bird surrounding the gem.

Sculpting a Relief With Alien Clay™ Medium

In this video we demonstrate how to sculpt a bas relief using Alien Clay™. The material is softened in a dedicated oven and troweled onto a foam core board. This method allows us to build up the forms (additive sculpting) and then carve out fine details (subtractive sculpting). Once the relief is finished, we use some isopropyl alcohol as a mild solvent to smooth out and soften some details.

Alien Clay™ Technical Bulletin (pdf)
Alien Clay™ Safety Data Sheet (pdf)
Alien Clay™ Skin Safe Certification (pdf)