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Descriptions of our Clay Products

Fine Art Clays

Professional Plasteline

Professional Plasteline:
A superior, ready to use, sulfur based, modeling compound ideal for the professional sculptor and all school levels. Plasteline is soft, smooth, permanently pliable, reusable and requires no heating.

CHAVANT'S original formula and blending process assures plasteline of consistent high quality. Available in Gray-Green & Brown.


NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline)
NSP is a line of professional, sulfur free sculpting clays. Replacing sulphur minimizes difficulties associated to mold making with silicone rubber.

NSP can be melted and poured at approximately 185°F! Available in soft, medium and hard; Green Brown or Tan.

Le Beau Touché & Le Beau Touché - HM

Le Beau Touché & Le Beau Touché - HM:
Le Beau Touché is a sulfur free, extremely smooth and flexible Plasteline with exceptional adhesive qualities. Th HM formula is less sensitive to heat variations and is suggested for use where the working environment is expected to exceed 90°F.

HM is slightly firmer and less tacky than the original Le Beau Touché. Both clays are available in Green, Brown or Cream.

DaVinci Italian Plastilina

DaVinci Italian Plastilina:
Formulated in the 1920's DaVinci is an original Italian Plastilina. Normal temperature ranges do not significantly effect this unique wax free, sulfur based sculpting clay, which has the non-sticky, smooth feel of water based clay.

Chavant offers this modeling material in soft, the softest clay we make, and firm, the second softest clay we make. Available in Gray only.


Chavant offers a new product called Clayette. The goals of this material were to provide a sulfur free clay that is softer and less sticky than NSP Soft or Le Beau Touché. Clients have reported that Clayette has working qualities similar to Kleen Klay. (but sorry not the price)

At this time we offer Clayette in a Soft, Medium and Hard. It is available in off-white color only, in 2 pound blocks, same price as the other Fine Art Clays.


Fill-It and Fill-It HM are sulfur free clays used by mold makers to seal mold boxes, build dams, set parting lines/shims and repair cracks. They are both off white with excellent adhesive and feathering characteristics. They both are also very flexible and will not dry or crack.

Fill-It is softer than Fill-It HM making it easier to handle at lower temperatures. Fill-It HM is firmer than Fill-It and is less sticky at higher temperatures. The smallest amount of heat, just friction from rubbing it in your hands, will soften both products.

Both Fill-It and Fill-It HM are packaged as one pound blocks, which are scored so that they can be broken into quarter pound sticks.

For more information about Fill-It and Fill-It HM Click Here


Monu-Melt™ (Meltable Clayette)
Monu-Melt™ brings all of the qualities of Clayette – a sulfur-free, non-hardening, tack-free, odor-free, and flexible clay – into a formula that can be melted and applied to a CNC foam armature by brush. By popular demand this material has been introduced in a Dark Forest Green color.

Monu-Melt™ will not oxidize and can be left out or heated and cooled repeatedly without any significant change. Will not dry or crack.

For more information about MonuMelt Click Here


Spray Touché™ (Meltable Le Beau Touché)
Spray Touché™ is a sulfur-free modeling clay that maintains the smoothness and adhesive qualities of Le Beau Touché while adding the ability to be melted down to pour, brush or spray. Currently available Green.

Spray Touché™ holds very good detail, carves and shapes easily, has superb flexibility and will not dry or crack.

Spray Touché™ responds to the smallest amount of heat. It will soften in the hand but at room temperature will have a nice firm cutting surface. After application of the melted material the clay will cool down and return to the working characteristics of standard Le Beau Touché.

For more information about Spray Touché™ Click Here

In addition, NSP and Y2 Klay each melt in their original formulations!

Industrial Design Clays

Hard Styling Clays (Standard)

  • CM-50: A "medium hard", dark brown formulation, considered the softest of the Hard Styling Clays.
  • J-525: A "hard" light brown formulation.
  • CM-70: An "extra hard" dark brown formulation.


Hard Styling Clays (DeAired)
These "extremely hard" formulations are the firmest of Chavant's Hard Styling Clays. Entrapped air is removed making the clay more dense, smoother and ideal for achieving fine extrusions.

  • DeAired CM-50
  • DeAired J-525
  • DeAired CM-70
  • I-307:
    Reduced sulfur content and reduced working temperature requirement (120°). Higher wax concentration provides greater resistance to model cracks. Hard but softer than I-305.


  • Y2-Klay:
    The same high level of quality expected from Chavant is incorporated into this new formula. Y2 Klay offers the consistency, adhesion, cohesion and surface development Characteristics found in chavant clays since 1892.
      Reduces potential corrosion
    • LOW ODOR
      Improves working environment.
      Clay fragments do not stick to the milling bits.
      Saves time repairing models and stabilizes surface area.
    • Workable at 135 °F (57 °C)
      Faster heating and a more comfortable working range.


AutoStyle Industrial Modeling Clay

  • AutoStyle
    Sulfur-free, low odor, lightweight industrial design clay which is minimally abrasive and adheres to itself without the need for a hot air gun.
    • Color:
      Available in either Dark Brown or Light Brown
    • Billet Size:
      Approximately 2.5 x 11.5 inch (63mm x 295 mm) cylinder
    • Density:
      1.01 – 1.03 g/ml (water = 1.00 g/ml)
    • Linear Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion:
      0.8 x 10-4 /°C between 24-64 °C (76-147 °F)
    • Hardness:
      Available in Soft, Medium, or Hard
    • Recommended Oven Working Temperature:
      130 °F - 140 °F (55 - 60 °C) Heating above 150 °F (65 °C) should be avoided.

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